Rice Science ›› 2021, Vol. 28 ›› Issue (6): 557-566.DOI: 10.1016/j.rsci.2021.05.014

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Cloning and Characterization of Protein Prenyltransferase Alpha Subunit in Rice

Tao Wang, Lijuan Lou, Zeyu Li, Lianguang Shang, Quan Wang()   

  1. Shenzhen Branch, Guangdong Laboratory for Lingnan Modern Agriculture / Genome Analysis Laboratory of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs / Agricultural Genomics Institute at Shenzhen, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Shenzhen 518120, China
  • Received:2020-08-15 Accepted:2021-05-14 Online:2021-11-28 Published:2021-11-28


Protein prenylation plays a crucial role in plant development and stress response. We report the function of prenyltransferase α-subunit in rice. Protein-protein interactions showed that the farnesyl- transferase (OsPFT)/geranylgeranyltransferase-I (OsPGGT I-α) protein interacted together with OsPFT-β and OsPGGT I-β. The α- and β-subunits of OsPFT formed a heterodimer for the transfer of a farnesyl group from farnesyl pyrophosphate to the CaaX-box-containing peptide N-dansyl-GCVLS. Furthermore, the tissue expression patterns of the OsPFT and OsPGGT I subunits were similar, and these subunits were localized in the cytoplasm and nucleus. Moreover, OsPFT/OsPGGT I-α-deletion homozygous rice mutants had a lethal phenotype, and the heterozygous mutants exhibited reduced pollen viability. These results indicated that prenylation plays an important role in rice development.

Key words: protein prenylation, plant development, rice, pollen viability